The Commission’s overarching objective is to examine the roles and responsibilities of the police service in England and Wales in the 21st Century. In so doing we will examine the application of the Peelian principles of policing for the 21st Century, including reducing crime and increasing community confidence.

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Commission report launched - Monday 25th November 2013

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Your views

The Commission is eager to hear from a wide-range of people. We are interested in how policing works in your area, what you think the priorities are now and how you think policing can be best shaped to respond to future needs.

The Commission is seeking submissions from law enforcement professionals, interested parties and the general public all of which will be used to inform the Commission's work. To get involved please submit your ideas below.

Information you provide will be used by the Independent Police Commission and not passed on to any other third party.  The work of the Independent Police Commission will be used to inform the Labour Party’s policy making process.

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